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Magnificent victory!!! Out with the old, in with the new. On Wednesday, April 16, 2014, in Crystal Lake, at the meeting of McHenry County's precinct committeeman, held to elect four new Republican executive officers to the McHenry County Republican Central Committee, the status quo took a major beating. 
This was the first time in over 50 years when outsiders captured control of the McHenry County Republican Party. Congratulations and the best to the new leadership of Chairwoman Sandra Salgado, Vice Chairman Andrew Gasser, Secretary Diane Evertson and Treasurer Charles Wheeler. 
Voting results... Sandra Salgado beat Mark Daniel 12,153 votes to 8,703 votes. Andrew Gasser won with 11,703 votes over second place John Jung with 6,958 votes. Diane Evertson won with 12,184 votes to Carolyn Schofield's 8,270 votes. And Charles Wheeler won with 10,588 votes to 9,866 votes for Glenda Miller. 
Again, congratulations to the new officers. And thank you to the TEAM for all the hard work which was responsible for a dream to come true! 
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The Township... "What If Question"

The most persistent and appropriate question that arises is how, if eliminated, are the township services going to be provided going forward.
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Take Action! If you want to get real change to happen call your representatives and tell them how you feel about the "What If Township" question. Call one or more county board members; their numbers are listed below.

Abolish Township Government in Illinois? 

Invest in government efficiencies, abolish township government in Illinois.



  • Obsolete
  • Inefficient
  • Wastes money


Township Government in Illinois was established in the mid-1800's as a local government to serve a rural society of farmers and settlers.  Now, in the 21st century, in an urban society, township government has become an extra layer of government and expense. 


Illinois township governments help make Illinois, with 7,000 governmental units, the state with the largest number of governments in the nation.  


How Illinois' 7000 governments compare with neighboring states :

  • Indiana 2,976
  • Iowa 1,904
  • Wisconsin 2,752
  • Ohio 3,534
  • Michigan 2,727


One of the ways to reduce the property tax burden would be to eliminate township government.  Townships receive 94% of their revenues from property taxes (as compared to city government's 10% and county government's 40%). 



--Illinois has 102 counties.  85 of these have township government; the 17 that do not, are located in the rural and southern part of the state, and instead have county form of government.


--In the United States there are thirty (30) states that do not have township governments.  There are no township governments in the southern or western states.


--Since 1902, townships have been inactive in the City of Chicago.